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3 Ways to Pack More Efficiently For Your Next Holiday

Over-packing is a major burden and a pretty common rookie mistake.

Blog / General / 2019 April 04, 2019

No one likes packing – it’s a tedious task that often comes with the stress of choosing what to leave behind. While many of us spend a lot of time sitting on top of our suitcase, attempting with all our life to get it shut, there are some actual ways to packing more appropriately and avoiding this all together (and you can still bring those little bits and pieces you can’t live without).

Have a plan in mind

Whether you’re jetting off for a short getaway or embarking on a long, luxury accommodation holiday, it’s important to have a good guideline as to where and what you’ll be doing each and every day. Over-packing is a major burden and a pretty common rookie mistake. Pack too much and you’ll suddenly be left with a fee at the airport, rather than free carry-on. Pack too little and you’ll be left stranded for necessities when you need it most. Do you expect you’ll come back with souvenirs? Will you be needing more shirts and less coats, or shirts and more coats? Know the weather you’re heading into and the activities you’ll be participating in – this will help you decide what clothing items take priority over others.

Do the roll and fold

There’s actually a pretty handy trick to packing your clothing into your suitcase. If you’re trying to cram knits, cotton or wool items (or those that won’t crinkle easily), opt for rolling them up tightly and stashing them away. For items that will crease, fold them neatly. This combination is a great way to get everything in that you need, without looking like you’ve created a disaster zone.

There’s a right way and a wrong way

Believe it or not, there is an actual process to packing your bits and pieces;

Lay your suitcase flat on the ground, opened fully.

Pack all of your undergarments and socks into your footwear to create more room. Put these at the bottom of your bag.

Layer all of your rolled items on top of your shoes, as tightly as possible to avoid them unrolling.

Place any fragile items in the centre of the luggage for surrounding protection.

Layer your folded items on top of your rolled ones.

Cram your underwear, socks, belts etc. into the open spaces around the luggage.


You can thank us later.

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