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Finding a Serviced Apartment is Simple in Prahran with These Elegant Choices

Many are discovering serviced apartments as the better alternative to hotels, offering the same luxury with the distinct charm of home. You get the best of both worlds with provisions of a spacious area, the comforts of home, privacy, and all the amenities and conveniences of a five-star hotel. These are the things you can expect from Corporate Keys, your best source of quality and affordable Prahran accommodations.

Whether short or long stays, our elegant Prahran serviced apartments provide the ideal living space for solo travellers, businessmen, and families on vacation. Enjoy luxury accommodation and excellent service tailored to your needs, in line with our commitment to give each client a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

Prahran Travel Tips

The best way to enjoy the bustling hub of Prahran is through preparedness. Here are a few tips to make sure your trip is memorably amazing:

Book A Serviced Apartment in Prahran

Finding the best Prahran accommodation entails taking into account the location, your purpose, services you generally need, and your budget. Corporate Keys serviced apartments provide the perfect solution in luxury accommodations flexible enough to meet varied considerations. Whether you are looking for a short stay apartment in Prahran or just want the extra amenities that come with a serviced apartment, you'll find the perfect room.

Why Stay in A Serviced Apartment in Prahran?

Prahran serviced apartments prove to be the best choice upon considering these essential factors:

Cost - Accommodation is a crucial aspect of travel that eats up a huge portion of your budget. Booking for a Prahran serviced apartment is a practical choice that gives great value for money. On top of being affordable in itself, you get to enjoy added savings if you do your own laundry and prepare your own meals.

Location - Stay at Corporate Keys, and you'll be at the epicentre of Melbourne's premium entertainment strip and shopping district. Our serviced short stay apartment is close to everything, such that you'd literally only have to step out of your place to breathe in all things beautiful in Prahran!

Comfort - You'll never feel lonely in a serviced apartment imbued with a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that gives you the feeling of home.

Space - Unlike cramped hotel rooms, Prahran serviced apartment accommodations offer more space. Not only that, your fully-furnished place often includes a work area, functional kitchen and a living room for family activities, holding meetings, and entertaining guests.

Privacy - Serviced apartments give you complete privacy, something you don't get if you stay at the typical busy hotel. At Corporate Keys, you'll be wrapped in the elegance of a room that's all yours with everything you need at your disposal.

Create a Schedule for Your Trip

Having an itinerary and careful planning will help you make the most out of your Prahran trip, whether traveling alone or with your family. If traveling for work, make sure to set aside some leisure time to see the most famous landmarks in this part of Melbourne. Corporate Keys has rounded up some of the best of the city so you don't miss a thing!

What To See and Do In Prahran

Prahran Market - Australia's oldest fresh food Market brimming with the freshest produce, famed for its hard to find specialties and exceptional food.

Chapel Street - The place to find cutting-edge fashion in the most stylish clothing, shoes and accessories. This spot in Prahran comes alive at night brightened with dance clubs, movies, live entertainment, pubs and bars.

Queen Victoria Gardens - Escape the hustle of the city and bask in nature right in the heart of Prahran. Enter the beautiful European-style garden and be in awe of big open spaces, stunning water features, and beautifully manicured lawns.

Prahran Aquatic Centre - Try the spa, sauna, and steam room for some nice pampering. A leisure center built with an Olympic-sized outdoor pool and a smaller indoor pool, plus one for toddlers.

Capital City Trail - Rejuvenate with a leisurely walk, run or even a cycle around the trail surrounded by fantastic views.

South Yarra - Explore beyond Prahran with the nearby elegant suburb of South Yarra. Take a stroll, sample the fine dining options, and indulge in world-class shopping.

Galleries - Visit exhibition spaces and enjoy a one-of-a-kind gallery experience upon seeing the finest works of art that people from all walks of life would appreciate.

Find The Best Meeting Place

The environment can define the quality of your meeting and create lasting impressions. There are a number of notable cafes and restaurants to have a good business chat in Prahran:

Market Lane Coffee - One of Melbourne’s best stops located at the edge of Prahran Market, where you can enjoy a nice conversation as you savor a hot cup of coffee made from quality-tested, meticulously roasted beans.

Woodland House - Among the top restaurant picks graced with the Victorian mansion's picturesque facade, exquisite interiors and setting perfect for special events.

While there are a number of other venues to hold your next presentation, team training or group function, it'd be a smart move to make use of your own lounge instead. Why pay for a conference room when you've got all the space you need and means of doing business right at your Corporate keys serviced apartment?

Book Your Stay in Prahran with Corporate Keys

Prahran is a unique suburb wrapped in fascinating culture, vibrant arts, and history. Take the chance to soak in all that Prahran has to offer by booking your stay with Corporate Keys. Enjoy the best living accommodations in Prahran serviced apartments twice the size of regular hotel rooms, quite possibly at a rate almost half the hotel room's price! Our luxury accommodation is an excellent choice for every traveller, especially for those staying in this neighbouring suburb South of Melbourne for more than 28 days. You spend less on Prahran accommodations, and more on making the most of your stay within the comforts of your home away from home.

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