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What are Fully Furnished Apartments?

Even though most travellers may already be familiar with some of the benefits that corporate housing offers to both business and pleasure travellers, there are some advantages that people may not be aware of. With that being said, here are some invaluable facts that people should know when they are making their travel arrangements.


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Fully Furnished Apartments Reduce Travelling and Away from Home Expenses Dramatically

Based on information released by the CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association), furnished apartments are highly recommended for many different purposes and reasons. More importantly, the cost savings, specifically as it relates to the comparison of hotel pricing accommodations. Since hotels charge add on fees for their amenities, lodging extras can make a major difference in pricing. Here’s some of the extras that should be included in price evaluations:

Parking fees


Premium Cable

Internet access/Wi-Fi

Washer/dryer and laundry services

Use of Pool and Spa

Use of business center and fitness Center

Since these charges are not typically charged by furnished housing providers, the savings can range from 30% to 50%, specifically compared to the average hotel fees and charges.

Fully Furnished Apartments Can be Identified by Many Other Names
As previously stated, there are some facts that people may or may not know about fully furnished apartments. One of the most significant is that there are a number of different industry names that identify this genre of housing. Serviced apartments, corporate apartments, short-term stays, executive suites, temporary furnished rentals, corporate housing are all names that have been used interchangeably. Well, it really does not matter which name is used since the individual or organisation is ultimately searching for custom packages that will fit their needs. These arrangements are also usually referred to as home away from home, especially for those who need these arrangements for 30 days or more.

Everyone Can Benefit from booking Fully Furnished Apartment
Even though CHPA reports state that the main reasons for fully apartment guest stays are usually for relocation needs, there are a number of great advantages for business and pleasures too. Some of the top considerations for extending these services include the following:
- Furnished apartments accommodate the need for all industries- Professionals in consulting, healthcare, technology, entertainment, government, finance and others can make use of these creative custom rental services- Great solutions for home renovations, non-business travel, medical visits, pursuit of educational opportunities and the like.


Fully Furnished Apartments are considered to be Health Friendly
In general, there is usually no other alternative to eating expensive meals out, which leads to long periods of unhealthy dining that can adversely affect one’s overall health. Fortunately, with full furnished apartment options, travellers can avoid these concerns, especially since they have access to fully furnished kitchens (stocked with essential appliances, cook wear, dishes and utensils). Therefore, it opens up the opportunity for home cooked meals that can conveniently be prepared in a home away from home environment. Additionally, fitness centres and swimming pools are included in the package free. Meaning guests will have access to an all-encompassing healthy environment that helps them to remain healthy and fit.



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