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Things You Should Never Do In a Hotel

Launched in 2017, the course aims to provide a modern lesson in social, business and gastronomic etiquette at the prestigious luxury hotel.

Blog / Tips / 2023 October 31, 2023

How do you check out of your hotel room?

If you're not tidying, you're doing it wrong, says etiquette coach Mika Mayer, founder of The Plaza Hotel Tidying Project in New York.

Launched in 2017, the course aims to provide a modern lesson in social, business and gastronomic etiquette at the prestigious luxury hotel.

Speaking recently about what not to do as a hotel guest, Ms Mayer said a surefire way to annoy staff is to leave the hotel room in a "terrible state".

If you think piling dirty towels by the door or on the carpet next to your bed will help, it's not, he says. "Do a light cleanse before you leave," she told Travel & Leisure.

"Hang dirty towels on hooks or ... stack them neatly in the bathroom instead of on the carpet, where they can leave wet spots."

You also shouldn't bring things into a hotel that don't belong to you, such as bathrobes or decorations, Ms. Mayer said.

She also warned guests not to leave room service trays and trash in the hallways unless the hotel asks otherwise.

"It's dirty, it stinks and it's a danger to other guests," she said.

"Instead, when you're done eating, call housekeeping and tell them you're ready to collect your tray."

There, Ms. Mayer alleged that another key guest was "rude" by entering public areas such as a hotel lobby or restaurant while wearing a bathrobe or bathing suit.

While the rest of the etiquette rules for hotel guests may seem obvious to many, hotels unfortunately have to deal with guests who miss the mark.

Ms. Meyer asked guests to be patient with front desk staff and to be courteous to all other employees, including remembering to say please and thank you. It is prohibited to attract the attention of employees by clapping, clapping or waving vigorously.

“Hospitality is a tough industry and it can be very difficult to work in a service-type job,” he said.

“These people often work long hours at night and on weekends. "From pool or restaurant staff to hotel managers, kindness and respect are very important," she told the magazine.

Housekeeping services in corporate accommodations aim to provide a comfortable and clean environment for guests who may be staying for extended periods due to business travel or other reasons.

How many of Mrs. Meyer's rules of hotel etiquette do you agree with?

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