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How To Best Dress For Your Cold Vacation

To help you look your best while being warm, here are a few must-have clothing items.
September 03, 2021

To set you up for vacation fun and relaxation, you need to be prepared. While you may be well versed in packing for warmer climates, packing for cold-weather vacations are an entirely different experience. Many of the essentials and toiletries; however, dressing to avoid being overly cold or uncomfortable is the goal. If you want to fully enjoy your vacation, you need to balance form, function and style but don’t worry, you can still look your best. To help you look your best while being warm, here are a few must-have clothing items.


A must-have winter staple is a cozy and stylish poncho. If you have never owned wool aran ponchos, you are missing out. Not only do they provide an extra layer of warmth, but they can give you the stylish statement that you are looking to make on your vacation. Pair this with boots and fleece-lined, slim pants or leggings to keep you warm.

Sweater Dress

If you have a nicer meal or activity, pack a sweater dress. With the thickness of sweaters matched with the beautiful silhouette of a dress, this is the perfect way to embrace a nicer look for your outing. There is no need to wear something sleek and risk being cold when a sweater can give you the stunning result that you want without sacrificing warmth.

Fleece-Lined Bottoms

Fleece is a must-pack material for your upcoming vacation. Not only does it breathe, but it can provide a layer of comfortable warmth. A trend that carries both form and function is fleece-lined bottoms. This is a must for any cold-weather activity. Fleece lining is concealed within the tights or pants in this winter essential. Whether you pair these pants with a vest and long sleeve shirt or fleece-lined tights with a fashionable cable knit sweater dress, you can stay warm and enjoy the wondrous benefits of fleece fabric.


One of the most important steps in your efforts to stay warm is layering clothing. Layers can help you easily transition from the harsh impact of the cold to the warmth of interior settings and help you adapt as your vacation plans progress. This can also be incredibly helpful during cold-weather sports. As your body heats up with activity, you will want to stay warm, but avoid overheating. Stock up on your layers and make sure that you are ready for every occasion, activity and adventure.

Boots and Warm Socks

As you embark on your winter escapades, the last thing you want is to have freezing toes. Make sure that you pack yourself warm socks and winter boots. While fashionable boots or options with heels may look great, they will do little to keep your feet warm and protected from the winter’s elements. If you want to ensure that you can enjoy your trip, you need waterproof boots that have a layer of insulation. Keep in mind that your feet may also need a bit of extra warmth when you are resting and relaxing after a long day or in the early morning hours, so pack your slippers and an extra pair of warm socks.


If you are venturing out into extremely cold weather, you are not ready until you have a warm winter coat. While you can find plenty of fashionable options, you won’t want to sacrifice your comfort and protection for style. You will want a coat that offers insulation and protection from the elements. Consider something with faux fur lining, insulation and water protection and then look for fashionable elements that add a bit of extra flair.

Cold-Weather Accessories

Your ensemble cannot be complete without the right accessories. If you want to look stylish and keep warm throughout your vacation, make sure that you pack earmuffs or a hat, a scarf and gloves. These can help you look your best, all while staying toasty and warm.

When it comes to cold-weather vacations, you need to prepare for more than just looking fashionable. You need ensembles and accessories that can help you withstand the weather. If you want to make the most of your vacation, pack these must-have cold-weather essentials and you will be sure to impress while staying warm.

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