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6 Steps to Form A Great Workout Plan

Customized workouts should be constructed around your age, your fitness goals, your meal plan, your allotted time for exercising and also your current fitness level.
December 12, 2019

Customized workouts should be constructed around your age, your fitness goals, your meal plan, your allotted time for exercising and also your current fitness level. Here are a few tips to help you along your journey. 

1.Fitness Goal
3.Current Fitness Level Assessment
4.Diet and Nutrition
6.The perfect variety 

1. Fitness Goal 

It is very important that you come up with a very realistic fitness goal that caters to your desires. This is important because it will help you stay focused, it helps you see results that you are actually working towards and best of all it will keep you motivated. Having a detailed and specific fitness goal allows you to focus on the areas that you are ready to change. This helps you or your workout trainer tailor the proper workouts to suit all of your needs. 

2. Schedule 

You should do an audit of your free time and see where you can fit proper workouts in. You can choose between those free days where you have less work to do and those busy days that you just so happen to have all of your free time in the same gap. If you're typically a busy person, you know what I'm referring to. This will help you decide how often you work out, what days you will actually complete your workout and much more. 

This step is essential because there will be days that you actually want to skip your entire workout session and that can be due to many different factors. You might have busy days that don't allow you to fit your workout in, and so the best thing to do is schedule around it. That's the secret, don't make plans that will inconvenience you. The key is to work around your schedule, make time for your workouts! 

3. Diet and Nutrition 

Your diet and nutrition can affect your actual workout in many ways. First, your diet should be consumed very balanced foods such as fruits and vegetables. These are foods that reduce fats and have high water content. Work protein-packed foods into your day as well as carbohydrates. To build muscle you have to consume enough protein to rebuild the muscles that are damaged during your workouts. 

You must consume up to two grams for each kilogram of your current weight. This is how you increase muscle by replenishing and repairing your muscle tissue as frequently as you workout. Protein is packed with an amino acid that can be found in muscle recovery drinks, protein shakes and intra workout supplement..

Carbohydrates consumption is how you fuel your muscles in between workouts. It is great to consume before and after you exercise since your body will burn these sugar calories as fuel. Water may be the most important liquid in your diet, during any level of your fitness journey. It is nutritious and provides hydration by replacing fluids that are lost through sweating. Being hydrated keeps your heart performing a great rate that helps you to regulate your body temperature and prevents overheating. 

You should be consuming water before during and after your workout because it transports nutrients, gives you more energy. Keeping hydrated promotes your body's ability to perform so that optimized to work at it's the greatest level. By drinking enough water you are preventing muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and any other symptoms that may there are associated with dehydration. You should also be careful not to drink water in excess because you may retain water and that's not good either. Always make sure to stop drinking when you are satisfied.

4. Current Fitness Assessment 

You should definitely start with a beginner work out of some sort to give you an idea of your current fitness level. The goal is to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you are able to properly balance and target them to reach your highest level of fitness. 

5. Repetitions 

Repetition is a single, individual action of the muscles responsible for creating movement at a joint or series of joints. Repetition should be performed until you are tired muscle fatigue occurs. When you are performing workouts at a higher intensity you should decrease the number of repetitions. And, lower-intensity sets can be performed for a relatively high number of repetitions before you start to get tired. 

This is one of the most important factors during your workout. The repetitions are basically the control mechanism, it controls everything from your strength all the way to size gains. This is how you sculpt your figure exactly how you plan to develop.

It's also important to challenge yourself and change your routine every so often. This will help you maximize your strength and increase your muscle gains. Each workout phase should last for three to four weeks, max. This gives the body time to adjust and see results while building muscle and it provides enough time for muscle recovery. This helps you progress in every area of your liking, you build endurance, power, gain strength, and size sooner than later. 

6. The perfect variety 

Once you have figured out the other components of your workout, this is the time to piece everything together. You want to mix the flexibility of your schedule with your training. You should schedule your tougher days of training on days that you have the freest time or maybe you'd like to schedule it the day before an off day. The key is to tailor the flexible areas to your liking and always remain tough in training. And, that is how you structure the perfect workout plan!

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