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6 Essentials Every Melbourne Office Needs For Happy Workers

By incorporating these essentials, your Melbourne office can create an environment that fosters happiness, productivity, and overall job satisfaction among employees.

Blog / Tips / 2024 February 19, 2024

Office life. Not what it used to be. The last few years forced a seismic shift in our work, and there’s no reversal in sight. Now, you spend most of your time in the office or hardly any. Even that can change from week to week. Fluidity is the word that best describes where we’re at. 

That said, a happy worker still needs the same office essentials, regardless of how many days a week they spend there. And if you’re the boss, it’s essential you know this. If a corporate coffee machine will make your team’s collective heart sing, that’s what you need. If you’re stuck for grand ideas, here are six conceptual essentials every Melbourne office needs to keep their workers happy. 


Hard Essentials

Office design that uses vertical space.

In any office, clutter is the enemy of efficiency. And, over time, the enemy of happiness. But only if you let it become a staple of your office. The sad truth is that most offices welcome clutter like it’s a childhood friend, only to find they share nothing in common with it anymore. Take that welcome mat away, and save yourself the trouble.

One way to ensure clutter is never welcome in your office is to take advantage of vertical space. Drawers and storage cupboards set on walls will yield instant results as your staff marvel at all that extra floor space they never knew existed. Hang those vibrant plants everyone adores from the ceiling.

These measures won’t guarantee the clutter won’t try to return, but they’ll make cleaning easier and give your lower back a rest.

And has the right lighting.

Notice we didn’t say great or spectacular lighting. The reason is simple: the right lighting is like an app's user design. Invisible. Not in a literal sense; instead, in the sense that your staff will enjoy it without ever thinking about it. They might comment on it initially, but after that, it will be incorporated seamlessly into the office design.

Happiness is a mood, and lighting has a massive effect on mood. It's too little, and your office will feel like a cinema. Too much, and it’ll feel like a laboratory. Find the balance and watch the collective mood in the office rise.

Think about the different hues you can have for your office - and the effect that will have on the tone of it. For example, bright white lights illuminate the room but may create a sterile effect, while warmer, orange hues will produce a cosy atmosphere but could make it hard to focus if too leisurely.

With well-defined areas.

Of course, you can only work with the space you’ve got. And if that space is small, which offices are increasingly becoming due to higher rent costs, then you need to get creative. That said, whenever the opportunity to divide and define your office space strikes, take it. Kitchen and social areas, breakout meeting areas, these kinds of partitions help make your office dynamic.

They also help your staff thrive and become more productive at work, particularly if they enjoy hosting online client meetings away from the general chat of the office, providing more evident work and rest areas.

Soft Essentials

Engagement creates happiness creates engagement.

It’s hard to decide which causes which or what should come first. Rather than dive into a philosophical debate, trust that engagement matters. The more your staff feel as though their opinions count, the more they’ll care for the work they produce.

Engaging with your staff can be as simple or complex as you want. Engagement on a personal level lets someone know you know they exist, which can make all the difference for the shy and introverted members of your team. Engagement on a bigger scale can involve votes and open discussions on moderately essential decisions, such as decorative choices.

Measure that engagement.

Engagement on a professional level will foster happiness and efficiency. Using measuring tools such as staff surveys is brilliant for understanding what’s working in your office and what’s not.

And don’t be afraid to gather opinions on matters you might assume are of little interest to your staff. They'll probably offer surprisingly handy views if they’re engaged in the business. Plus, you never know what may be affecting someone if you don’t open a space for them to discuss it.

Then, dress it in clear communication.

Nothing will sink a happy, efficient office quicker than poor communication. That’s why you must take the engagement data you’ve gathered and put it to good use. That way, your staff will know they’ve been heard. And understood.

What makes clear communication even more evident is when you pair it with transparency and accountability. Be available for your staff, not elusive and ambiguous. Tough times visit every office. When they see yours, be clear, concise and forthright with your staff, and they’ll appreciate it.

In the end, the trick is finding what works for you. This means you and your staff. Engage, ask around, and do whatever you need to to find out what everyone wants. It beats guessing every time and probably saves you money, even if you can’t deliver every single time.

Happiness is subjective, so aim for measures that offer something for your whole team. There’s no rulebook on this, just happy workers and unhappy workers. Take your time, keep an open mind, and soon find what works for your office.

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