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5 Tips for Making a Rental Your Own

Having a bland home that has unpleasant elements only aggravates the situation. There are some ways to personalise the rental to make it homier.
July 11, 2022


There’s nothing as frustrating as being unable to put your mark on a place you reside. This is usually the case for most rental units as they have strict regulations. 

Having a bland home that has unpleasant elements only aggravates the situation. There are some ways to personalise the rental to make it homier. 

How to Personalise a Rental in 5 Simple Ways 

1. Personalize the Walls

Ask the landlord if it’s okay to repaint the walls in a colour you fancy. To add more character to the walls, you can paint the walls in different colours. If painting isn’t an option, you can use art to liven the place. 

Hanging art is an excellent way to express your style and personality. Before hanging art, talk to your landlord and ask if they’re okay with hammering holes into walls. If they’re against it, you can purchase adhesive nails.

You can also hang up some photos of you and your loved ones to make the home feel yours. Alternatively, you can opt for wall decals to decorate the walls if painting isn’t an option. When choosing a decal, you can choose an informative or decorative theme.

2. Replace the Hardware

This is a simple yet effective approach to giving your rental a homey vibe. You don’t have to limit yourself to replacing kitchen cabinets only. You can also change outlet covers, plates and door knobs to suit your preferences. 

You should also consider changing your light bulbs since most rentals come with regular light fixtures. Lighting is essential to a room, so you should consider replacing them with stylish ones that suit your decor and taste.

While this may seem insignificant, replacing hardware helps set your home’s tone. Replacing ordinary things with something you like makes a huge difference; however, hold on to the old ones so that you can put them back when you relocate. 

3. Remove the Blinds

Removing blinds should be on top of the list when moving in. Even though you can pull blinds to let light in, removing them makes a significant difference. The room will become brighter as all barriers preventing light from entering aren't present. 

This small trick livens the room, giving it a homey vibe — all you need is a screwdriver to remove the brackets. Don’t forget to keep the blinds safely away so you can put them back when you move. 

Sure, window covering shields you from neighbours; however, most rental apartments come with the standard inexpensive, hard-to-clean blinds that don’t add any aesthetic value to your home. Instead, you can opt for a frosted window frame to keep wandering eyes out. You can also purchase beautiful curtains from ArchiPro

4. Add a Touch of Sentimentality

Everyone has something that feels like home, be it a framed picture of a pet or a treasured side table. While this may seem obvious, the quickest way to make any space feel homey is to incorporate pieces you love. Treasured items can range from a gallery of items you’ve collected over time or a massive book collection. 

Find a corner in your house where you can display these items. While putting effort into creating a corner for things you treasure might seem like a lot, it’s worth it. The time it will take to design this space will depend on the size. Big spaces will take more time to design, while small spaces will take a shorter time. 

When designing your space, don’t stress out; try having fun with it. You don't have to get it right on your first try. Try implementing different style elements to see which you like best. 

5. Keep Plants in Your Home

Indoor plants bring life to a room; perhaps this is why many people love having plants in their houses. You don’t have to fill the whole place with plants; even the tiniest plants in the dingiest apartment can bring light and colour to the room.

Some studies have shown that indoor plants help reduce stress levels, making us happier and more optimistic. Additionally, plants help purify the air around us, thus positively impacting our breathing. 

Besides their numerous health benefits, indoor plants add aesthetic value to our homes. They offer an excellent opportunity to create contrast within a space, helping you set the room's tone. 

Although most people only put indoor plants in living rooms, don’t restrict yourself to these areas only. You can also put them in your bedroom and bathroom. Most plants come in standard white pots; however, you can dare to be adventurous with colour and textures by trying different pot styles. 

Bottom Line

Even though living in a rental means abiding by specific rules, there are several things you can do to personalise your house without ruffling any feathers. With the tips in this article, you can easily make any rental feel like yours by expressing your style and preferences.

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