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5 Important Things Residents of Perth Can Do to Prepare For The COVID-19 Virus

These steps provide a solid foundation for preparing yourself for a world that includes the coronavirus.
September 02, 2020

The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a pandemic and infections from the virus are now present on every continent of the world except Antarctica. The reaction from citizens of the global community range in intensity from general disinterest to all-out panic. The truth of the matter is, the coronavirus situation is one that is extremely series but can be managed effectively for persons who follow the necessary precautions.

Wash Your Hands

The first step to protecting yourself from the coronavirus may seem like an oversimplification. However, keeping your hands clean will greatly decrease your chances of contracting this virus and other illnesses.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends 20-second handwashings regularly throughout the day. Your hands should be washed immediately after coughing or sneezing into them, using the bathroom, and before you eat.

Social Distancing

One way you can protect yourself from the coronavirus and do your part to slow the transmission of the disease is to avoid situations that place you in contact with large groups of people.

The need for keeping our distance from one another during this pivotal time in the history of mankind has given rise to the term social distancing. Some methods that are proving useful include working from home if possible, canceling social events, and having food and other supplies delivered to your home.

If you possess any doubt about the importance of social distance and avoiding large crowds, keep in mind that in America, 70 people were infected with the coronavirus when they shared the room with a single infected person at a conference in the city of Boston.

Make Sure You Have the Things You Need

The majority of people who get sick with the coronavirus will not need a hospital. In most cases, the sick person will feel sick and suffer from a fever before their bodies begin the healing process that can take a few weeks to complete.

If you become sick with the coronavirus you will not feel like traveling to and from a store of any kind. You will also pose a threat to others if you do so. You are much better off keeping about two weeks worth of food in your home along with all the over the counter medicine you might need to combat the virus.

You should also be sure any medications or remedies you need for conditions like high blood pressure, leaky gut or other chronic illness that you self manage are adequately stocked in your home. 

Wear A Mask If You Need It

We have all seen the images of people in other countries wearing facemasks. This has led many people in Perth and throughout Australia to follow suit despite the confusion that exists regarding when a mask is necessary.

Experts suggest that people who are sick with coronavirus wear a mask when interacting with other people to avoid passing the disease to them. It is not generally suggested that everyone wear a facemask as a precaution.

It is important to remember that healthcare workers on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis are in constant need of these facemasks and a shortage of masks exists. People who wear masks though they are not needed can cause them to be unavailable for someone who actually needs them.

Prepare Mentally

The word pandemic alone is enough to increase the pulse of most people. The coronavirus is a serious health condition that will cause significant disruption to the lives of Australians as it continues its path through the country. For a small percentage of Australians, the virus will signal the end of their lives.

Preparing for the coronavirus includes coming to grips with the fact that life as you know it may possibly not be the same for quite some time. Taking the time to process the information now will protect you from the possibility of future shocks and surprises at a time when they are most inconvenient.

The emotion you feel is not unreasonable if you find yourself experiencing a bit of paranoia due to the coronavirus. The spread of this virus is a difficult time for all and it is understandable for you to need a little time to adjust.

Bottom Line

There is no precedent in the lives of most citizens of Perth or anywhere else in the country that would prepare them for the reality of the coronavirus. However, this does not mean that the general knowledge and lessons from history we possess are not sufficient to help us protect ourselves from danger. The steps above provide a solid foundation for preparing yourself for a world that includes the coronavirus.

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