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Why You Shouldn’t Manage Your Own Commercial Properties

You might own a commercial property, but you can hand over care of it to a property manager for these important reasons:

Blog / General / 2023 November 10, 2023

When the time comes to purchase a commercial property to start making your money work for you, it’s easy to assume that you must put in all the effort yourself. After all, everything from maintenance and paperwork to tenant management is now your responsibility. However, it doesn’t have to be. You might own a commercial property, but you can hand over care of it to a property manager for these important reasons:

Save Time

As soon as you advertise a commercial property for lease, much of your time can be taken up with its management. That’s even before you bring in a tenant to take on the lease. You must set time aside from your busy schedule to find potential tenants, screen them, take care of their needs, manage their maintenance requests, and more. If commercial property management isn’t your full-time job, it can quickly become it and soak up any spare time you have.

Benefit from Industry Knowledge

You might be experienced in launching a business or choosing a sound property investment, but that doesn’t mean you’re experienced in property management. There can be many legal and regulatory requirements to be aware of, including your rights and those of your tenants.

When you don’t have this knowledge, it’s easy to make mistakes that might land you in trouble with governing bodies. Fortunately, you can often avoid such issues by letting a property manager take the lead. In most cases, they know the regulations you must abide by and can help you avoid legal troubles.

Have Someone Manage Maintenance and Repairs

Your commercial property might be in excellent condition, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require maintenance and repairs with time. When your tenant approaches you with such issues, they rely on you to handle them in a timely fashion.

Handling maintenance and repairs can be frustrating when you don’t have industry connections to ensure swift action. When you align with a reputable property manager, they handle everything. They can tap into a pool of reliable contractors and even take care of preventative maintenance on your behalf.

Stay Out of Tenant Relations

Many landlords have excellent relationships with their tenants, and you can, too, even if you outsource daily care of your commercial property to a manager. However, hiring a manager generally means you can distance yourself from your tenants. Property managers typically act as intermediaries and maintain excellent communication with tenants on your behalf.

Handle Rent Collection

Rent collection for commercial properties can sometimes be more complex than for residential properties. Not only do tenants pay to use the space, but they also often share some of the operating costs and pay a security bond. These added costs can add a layer of complexity to the average rent collection process.

Having someone with experience in that area handle rent collection can be a weight off your mind. Most property managers have sound processes for receiving rent, managing late payments, and ensuring you receive regular cash flow.

There’s no harm in managing your commercial property yourself. Still, you might see the value in outsourcing this time-consuming task when you get to enjoy industry knowledge, seamless processes, and a more hands-off approach for convenience.

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