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What is a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments provide a temporary housing solution for travelers who need to stay for an extended period of time, whether for business or personal reasons.

Blog / General / 2023 April 13, 2023

Serviced apartments, also known as extended stay apartments or corporate apartments, is a fully furnished apartment that is available for short or long-term rentals. These are a type of accommodation that provides a comfortable living space with hotel-like amenities and services. Serviced apartments are typically rented out for extended periods of time, ranging from a few days to several months, and offer guests a homely atmosphere with the added convenience of hotel services.

Unlike traditional hotel rooms, serviced apartments are typically fully furnished, self-contained units that include a living area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. They are designed to be a home away from home and are often larger and more spacious than a typical hotel room. The apartments are equipped with all the necessary amenities to make the guests feel comfortable and relaxed, including air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV.

Serviced apartments are available in a range of sizes, from studio apartments to multi-bedroom apartments that can accommodate larger groups or families. They are also available in a range of styles, from modern and contemporary to more traditional and classic designs.

One of the primary benefits of staying in a serviced apartment is the level of flexibility it offers. Guests can come and go as they please, cook their own meals, and have more space to work or relax than they would in a traditional hotel room. This makes serviced apartments particularly popular with business travellers, families, and people relocating to a new city.

Another key advantage of serviced apartments is the range of services that are included in the rental price. These can include housekeeping, laundry facilities, airport transfers, and concierge services. Some serviced apartments also offer fitness centres, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities.

In addition, serviced apartments are often located in central and convenient locations, close to business districts, shopping centres, and other tourist attractions. This makes them an ideal base for exploring a new city, attending business meetings, or simply enjoying a vacation.

Serviced apartments provide a comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional hotel rooms. They offer guests the flexibility, space, and amenities of a home away from home while also providing the convenience and services of a hotel. Whether you are a business traveller, a family, or a tourist, serviced apartments are a great option for those looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay.

There are several advantages of staying in a serviced apartment, including:

  • Home-like amenities: Serviced apartments offer amenities that are similar to those found in a typical home, such as a fully equipped kitchen, living room, and bedroom. This allows guests to have a more comfortable and enjoyable stay, as they can cook their meals, relax on the sofa, and sleep in a comfortable bed.
  • More space: Serviced apartments are generally larger than traditional hotel rooms, offering more space to move around and relax. This is particularly important for families or groups of friends who may feel cramped in a small hotel room.
  • Privacy: Unlike a hotel room, serviced apartments offer more privacy and a sense of independence. Guests can come and go as they please without worrying about disturbing others in the same building.
  • Cost-effective: While the nightly rate of a serviced apartment may be higher than that of a hotel room, the overall cost can be lower, as guests can save money on meals and laundry by using the fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. Additionally, many serviced apartments offer discounts for longer stays, making them a cost-effective option for those who need to stay for an extended period of time.
  • Flexible check-in and check-out: Serviced apartments generally offer more flexible check-in and check-out times, which can be beneficial for travellers who arrive late at night or need to leave early in the morning.
  • Business amenities: Many serviced apartments offer business amenities such as high-speed internet, printing and fax services, and conference rooms. This can be helpful for business travellers who need to stay connected while on the road.
  • Location: Serviced apartments are often located in residential neighbourhoods, providing guests with a more authentic experience of the local culture. Additionally, they may be situated in convenient locations, such as near public transportation, making it easy for guests to get around.
  • Housekeeping: Unlike traditional apartment rentals, serviced apartments come with housekeeping services. This means that guests can enjoy a clean and tidy living space without having to clean up themselves.
  • Security: Many serviced apartments offer 24-hour security, providing guests with a sense of safety and peace of mind.
  • Pet-friendly: Some serviced apartments are pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their furry friends with them on their travels.

Overall, staying in a serviced apartment can offer numerous advantages over traditional hotel rooms or apartment rentals. From the home-like amenities to the cost savings and flexible check-in and check-out times, serviced apartments provide a comfortable and convenient temporary housing solution for travelers of all kinds.

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