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Tasmania to reopen the border to Victorians on November 27

Tasmania to reopen the border to Victorians on November 27
November 16, 2020

Tasmania will reopen its borders to Victorians on November 27, meaning that visitors from Melbourne will no longer need to hotel quarantine for fourteen days on arrival.

Melbourne Airport chief executive Lyell Strambi welcomed the news.

"It's terrific that Tasmania has followed New South Wales in reopening to Victoria, giving people comfort and reassurance that they can reconnect with loved ones well before Christmas," said Mr Strambi.

"Victoria is one of Tasmania's largest tourism markets, so this latest announcement is sure to help kick-start the state’s tourism economy.

"Now that we have reached 12 days of no new cases we hope other states bring forward their plans to reopen to Victoria, so the nation can be joined up once more."

Launceston Airport chief executive Hans van Pelt also stated that the news was a positive step for the local Tasmanian economy.

"The reopening of the Tasmania-Victoria border is huge as it unlocks travel with our largest inbound tourism market," Mr van Pelt said.

"The Launceston-Melbourne route is our busiest and we expect bookings to take-off now that people in both states have a confirmed date to work with."

There are three arrivals and three flight departures this week to and from Melbourne out of Launceston Airport. Pre-COVID, there was on average 12 arrivals and 12 departures per day to and from Melbourne this time last year.

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