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How To Beat Post-Vacation Blues

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just be on vacation all the time? Unfortunately, that is not the case, but there are some things you can do to make your time at home post-vacation enjoyable.

Blog / General / 2021 May 28, 2021

Vacations are fun and exciting, and can also have some serious health benefits. They can improve your physical and mental health and help you form great lifelong memories. They can also lower your blood pressure, improve your sleep and increase your concentration. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just be on vacation all the time? Unfortunately, that is not the case, but there are some things you can do to make your time at home post-vacation enjoyable. 

Incorporate Vacation Activities

If there is something that you or your family truly enjoyed during your vacation, you may try to find ways to incorporate that into your life back at home. This may be as simple as a nightly bike ride, a certain kind of coffee, or a game that you played regularly. This can also be something larger, but very worthwhile, like a pool. If you really enjoyed the pool at your hotel or resort, you may emulate that into a regular treat with your personal pool. Spending some time looking up pool builders near me may be a great way to reminisce on your great vacation, as well as invest in something that can improve your happiness during many months of the year, not just one or two weeks when you are on vacation. 

Share Experiences

It may not be feasible to bring all parts of your vacation back home or to recreate things that you really enjoyed, but you may be able to extend the memory of your vacation when you opt for more time engaging in experiences versus shopping for souvenirs. Some souvenirs are great, but in general, people tend to have greater satisfaction when they spend more of their time and money on experiences. When you return home you can talk about your great experiences, which can enhance their memory and bring more happiness. You may talk about the experiences with others, share them online, print out photographs or write in your journal about them. 

Plan The Next One

After your vacation, consider planning your next vacation. Even if you do not feel ready to make another big investment, just planning it can help decrease the post-vacation blues because you already have something else to look forward to doing in the future. It may also be easier to think about what you want in a vacation since you just experienced it. For example, you may realize that you really enjoyed having a kitchenette so you could prepare small meals throughout your time. On the other hand, you may have wished that you had a better view instead of having a kitchenette since you did not use it too much on your vacation. You may not remember these finer details months from now, so it can also be beneficial in this way to plan your next vacation sooner rather than later. 

Live a Cleaner Lifestyle

Cleaning out your house may sound way less fun than the vacation you were just on, but it is a way to keep your stress low like it probably was when you were away. It may be easier to realize what was more important to you when you packed only what could fit in a suitcase for your trip. For example, you may have only used a few skincare products, and when you get home, you can get rid of all the products you realized were not important to you. You may have noticed that your children had a lot of fun playing with only a few toys, and that there are a number of toys that they do not play with at home. You could be better able to prioritize your necessities when you come back from vacation. Removing clutter or unnecessary things in your house has been proven to reduce stress and help people feel more relaxed, which can be helpful as you return to life post-vacation. 

Whether you choose to implement all of these ideas or just one or two, hopefully you can find ways to bring some of the positive vacation feelings back into your life during non-vacation times. 

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