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7 Great Australian Road Trips From Perth

There’s no shortage of amazing road trips from Perth. WA has some of the best driving roads in the country, but also the longest. You can spend a couple of hours (or a couple of days) in the car in any direction to see some incredible landscapes.

Blog / General / 2020 February 10, 2020

Perth is among the top go-to destinations by tourists, especially by vacationing foreigners. This huge city is home to fantastic beaches, delectable food, exciting activities, and more. More notably, Perth accommodation contribute to the city’s rising popularity among travellers. Serviced apartments in Perth has got to be one of the best-rated stays in the country. But upon arriving in Perth, better grab the opportunity to visit some of its neighboring cities and towns as well.

If you’re planning to go on an epic road trip, then you have to check out West Australia, which has one of the longest and best driving roads in the country. West Australia is home to a long list of amazing places you have to visit but we narrowed it down to seven to help you plan your trip more efficiently.

#1 Kalbarri

Roughly 6 hours away from Perth is Kalbarri, famous for its majestic coastline and canyons. There are a lot of great places to stay in this resort town.
During your 590 kilometers travel up north, you have to stop over at the stunning Pink Lake near Port Gregory or enjoy the fresh seafood at Cervantes or Lancelin. Kalbarri is also a popular stopover among those who are to Exmouth or Shark Bay.
When planning for your trip, be sure to avoid Kalbarri’s wet autumns and humid summers. Instead, you can visit in spring to see Kalbarri’s spectacular wildflowers which include grevilleas, banksias, and kangaroo paws to name a few. For a unique hiking experience, then you can visit during the winter months.
Kalbarri has plenty of activities lined up for each person. You can go whale watching, surfing, pelican feeding, boating, fishing, and canoeing. You can also visit the amazing Abrolhos Islands, take a sand buggy tour, or simply walk around Kalbarri to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes and blue ocean.
If you want to take a memorable photo in this town, then be sure to head to Kalbarri National Park and pose in front of nature’s window. Go on a hike at the Murchison River gorges to enjoy the stunning view from the top. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of the Loop and Z Bend which is best seen from this spot.

Near Kalbarri is a historic town called Northampton. Have a stroll in the Hampton Road Heritage Walk where you can find 37 character-rich buildings that have been standing for ages.
To know more, visit the Kalbarri Visitor Centre. Looking for accommodation near Kalbarri - Find nearby options by viewing our Kalbarri Serviced Apartments.
#2 Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is a long drive away from Perth but rest assured that it’s worth it. During winter months, it’s common for residents of Perth to travel to Ningaloo Reef to escape the harsh cold. Since it’ll take you approximately 12 hours to reach Ningaloo Reef, grab the opportunity to stop over at a couple of touristy spots along the way such as the HMAS Sydney II Memorial and the Museum of Geraldton to know about its shipwreck history. If you want to have a close encounter with dolphins, then better spend a night at Monkey Mia so you can see these smart creatures during their early morning feed. Denham is another great destination if you want to take a break from the long travel. Although it’s a little bit out of the way, the attractions there make it worthwhile. 

Ningaloo Reef is known as one of the top-rated scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the world because of the whale sharks. If you’re interested in swimming with them or seeing them in their natural habitat while you’re on a boat, then the best time to visit is March to June. For those who prefer seeing or swimming with humpback whales, then schedule your trip around June to November. The reef has a rich marine life and is home to dugongs, manta rays, dolphins, 500 different species of fish, and more. Also, there are over 200 species of hard corals and 50 species of soft corals near the shore.
You can also swim with manta rays, go on eco-tours, glass-bottom boat tours, and quad bike tours. Other activities include kayaking, riding on a 4WD, beach and boat charter fishing outside the sanctuary zones, and sailing.
Don’t forget to visit other spots such as Jurabi Turtle Center, Coral Bay, and Cape Range National Park. For those planning to go camping or glamping, then check out the towns at Exmouth for supplies and accommodation. However, it’s important to book ahead because the area tends to get a bit too crowded during school holidays.
To know more, visit the Ningaloo Visitor Centre in Exmouth. Looking for accommodation near Ningaloo Reef - Find nearby options by viewing our Denham Serviced Apartment

#3 Yallingup

Just 3 hours away from Perth is the beautiful town of Yallingup. Although the travel time is not as long as others, there are still a few places along the way that you have to stopover. Have a nice stroll at the 1,840 metre long Busselton jetty or feast on sumptuous dishes at the foreshore.
What’s great about Yallingup is that it’s practically a great place to visit any time of the year. But of course, if you’re into beach activities, then it’s best to schedule your vacation in summer. Yallingup’s amazing beaches and coastlines will surely captivate you. With its pristine waters, you can go swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and stand up paddling.
Good news for surfers and surfing enthusiasts because Yallingup has been one of the best surfing meccas in the country for almost 7 decades. In fact, pro events have been held here for 34 years already.
Want to go on a whale watching tour? Visit around winter as these gentle giants migrate from the coast. Get the chance to see the southern right, humpback, minke, and blue whales. You can hop on to one of these boats at Busselton, Dunsborough, and Augusta.

Feast your eyes at the majestic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Canal Rocks, and Caves House Hotel. Book a cultural tour to have a deeper understanding of traditional custodians, Aboriginal culture, and their attachment to the sea, river, animals, and plants.
Other fun and interesting activities in Yallingup include wine tasting, visiting Yelverton and Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Parks, abseiling at forests, cycling from Busselton to Dunsborough Bike and Walk Path, and rock climbing down sea cliffs.
Lastly, you can have a nice stroll from Cape Naturaliste Dunsborough to Cape Leeuwin Augusta or from Cape to Cape Track.
To know more, see the Margaret River Region Visitor Centre. Looking for accommodation near Yallingup - Find nearby options by viewing our Busselton Serviced Apartments.

#4 Esperance

Esperance is 720 kilometers southeast of Perth. This means that you get to enjoy 7 hours worth of scenic views and picturesque landscapes. If you love the beach, then the best time to visit Esperance is summer. Their pristine turquoise blue waters and white sands make Esperance beaches as one of the best in the country. However, if you want to experience its lovely wildflowers, then schedule your trip to spring. Check out Esperance’s unique flora and fauna at places like Helms Arboretum and Mount Ridley granite outcrop.
Aside from swimming, you can also go diving, beach fishing, surfing, four-wheel driving, and hiking. But if you prefer more chill and relaxing activities, then you can do eco-tours, scenic flights, or boat charters instead.

Don’t forget to try fresh produce at the local growers market and appreciate local artwork at several galleries and art studios in the area. Visit the museum to see for yourself the remains of Skylab, a NASA space station that fell on Esperance.
For those who want to experience a unique and very Australian beach getaway, then you have to visit Cape Le Grand National Park which is 20 minutes away from the town’s center. Here, you can take iconic photos at the Lucky Bay where kangaroos are sprawled out on the shore and enjoying the sun.
You can’t miss out on Esperance’s lovely national parks such as Peak Charles, Stokes, Fitzgerald River, and Cape Arid.  Of course, you have to visit the Pink Lake which is one of the main attractions in Esperance. The red algae living in this lake gives it its gorgeous blush hue, which looks extra vivid and breathtaking on a sunny day. Have you ever seen seals and sea lions in real life? Visit the Recherche Archipelago islands and witness these adorable animals in their natural habitat.
Looking for accommodation near Esperance - Find nearby options by viewing our Kalgoorlie Serviced Apartments.
To learn more, check out the Esperance Visitor Centre.

#5 Albany

415 Kilometers from Perth is Albany, a city rich in culture and history and has a similar vibe to a charming country town. During your 4 hours and 40 minutes road trip, make sure to stop by the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk for some fresh air and picturesque views.
Albany is a great holiday destination at any time of the year. Pay your homage to the people who fought for the country at the National ANZAC Center, book a day trip to Denmark or Walpole, feast on Albany’s fresh local produce and wines, and visit Albany’s former whaling station. To learn about the history of the ships that departed Albany and was bound for Gallipoli and Egypt, then you have to visit the century-old Princess Royal Fort at Mt Adelaide.
Want to go sightseeing? Check out the King George Sound, Desert Mounted Corps Memorial, Padre White Lookout, Ataturk Memorial, and Albany Heritage Park. Interested in hearing the famous roar of the Southern Ocean? Go to the Gap and Natural Bridge for this unique experience.

Get a chance to see whales during winter at Torndirrup National Park. Want to discover more about Albany’s history? Tour the Brig Amity ship and Museum of the Great Southern. You can also learn more about Albany’s contribution to war at the memorials.
If you want to extend your vacation a bit, then visit Denmark which is just a half-hour drive away. Denmark is home to some of the best-rated beaches in West Australia. For a one-of-a-kind swimming experience, be sure to visit Greens Pool at William Bay National Park. It is a natural rock swimming pool wherein you can relax and snap plenty of memorable photos at. Of course, you also have to do the self-guided historic and heritage trails.
Another fantastic place nearby Albany is Walpole and the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk. Within an hour from Albany, you’re transported into this magical forest wherein you can find a few of West Australia’s biggest trees on a steel suspension bridge.
Porongurup National Park is also half an hour away from Albany. This is the perfect place for serene walks and picnics. Want to experience the most breathtaking views of the countryside? Be sure to enjoy the scenic drives and have a stroll on the Granite Skywalk which is suspended over Castle Rock.
Mandurah is another fantastic place to stop over. Apart from its stunning waterways and amazing parks, this city also boasts some of the best accommodations in the region.  
See the Albany Visitor Centre for more information. Looking for accommodation near Albany - Find nearby options by viewing our Mandurah Serviced Apartments.

#6 Kalgoorlie

590 kilometers east of Perth is Kalgoorlie, otherwise known as West Australia’s glittering goldfields. From Perth, it’ll take you roughly 6 hours and 20 minutes to arrive at this town. Along the way, there are plenty of must-see attractions that you can’t miss out on. Visit the historic towns of Southern Cross, Coolgardie, Kellerberrin, and Merredin. Check out the Pipeline Heritage Trail and its pump stations. Lastly, don’t forget to snap a memorable photo at the mini wave rock near Kellerberrin or in front of the Ettamogah at Cunderdin.
Kalgoorlie is a great town to visit any time of the year but take note that summer and winter can get pretty extreme. If you’re looking forward to seeing Kalgoorlie’s spectacular wildflowers, then better visit in September or October. This town has tons of amazing accommodations that will suit your budget and needs. Looking for accommodation near Kalgoorlie - Find nearby options by viewing our Kalgoorlie Serviced Apartments.
People who enjoy learning about history will surely enjoy strolling around the streets of Kalgoorlie and visiting old pubs located on the main street.
Lastly, you certainly have to check out Lake Ballard which is the country’s biggest art installation. It has a total of 51 steel statues displayed around the perimeter of the salt lake. You can also camp in this area to have a better appreciation of the statues at sunrise and sunset.

Golf enthusiasts have to visit The Nullarbor Links which is currently the longest golf course in the world. You can also enjoy a fun game at the Kalgoorlie Golf Course wherein you can find the 18th hole called CY O’Connor. For those who want to try playing a game of two-up, then on a Sunday afternoon, you can go to the Two-Up School.
Want to try your luck at gold prospecting? Book a ticket to Hannans North Tourist Mine to learn more about Kalgoorlie’s mining history and to search for gold deposits. If you’re interested in seeing a massive mine up close, then book a tour at the Super Pit.
For more activities, you can visit the stunning museums and even take a short trip to Coolgardie.
Check out the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitors Centre for more information.

#7 Pinnacles

If you want to travel to a place that’s not too far away from Perth, then be sure to visit Pinnacles in  Nambung National Park. For an estimated travel time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, you can already experience the wonders of Pinnacles. It’s a go-to weekend trip by locals and tourists alike.
Thousands of limestone spires sticking out from the sand make up the Pinnacles. This amazing lunar landscape has been around for thousands of years. Seeing its moonscape is a surreal experience, especially for first-time visitors.
The best time of the year to visit Pinnacles is during spring which lasts from July to October. Hike at one of the nine walking trails of Yanchep National Park for a chance to see a koala colony and kangaroos. Here, you can also enjoy a game of golf while enjoying the scenic landscape.
For those who want to enjoy a nice view of the ocean, then go to Thirsty Point or Hangover Bay. Don’t forget to check out the photography display at Pinnacles Visitors Centre.

Another great thing about Pinnacles is that it's near several great touristy spots as well. For those who love seafood, then you need to visit Cervantes which is the closest town from Pinnacles. Here, you can go windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, fishing, and diving. Tour the export facility at Lobster Shack and make sure to grab a tasty seafood roll. If you happen to visit in August or November, grab the opportunity to go on a trip with lobster boats to collect pots.
Lancelin is another town nearby the Pinnacles. For a one hour trip, you’re suddenly teleported to a majestic place that is home to some of the best rolling sand dunes of West Australia. Be sure to rent a sandboard to enjoy flying down the sandy hills. You can also take a dune tour wherein you get to ride on a 4WD with a coach. Adrenaline junkies out there need to go skydiving here at Lancelin for a truly memorable experience.
Looking for accommodation near Pinnacles - Find nearby options by viewing our Fremantle Serviced Apartments
For more inquiries, visit the Pinnacles and Cervantes Visitor Centre.

Are You Ready to Escape Perth?

With so many holiday destinations for you to choose from and activities to include in your itinerary, there’s no excuse to finally plan that most-awaited getaway from the hustle and bustle of Perth. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip or even a month-long vacation, West Australia is certainly the best place to relax, unwind, try new things, and reignite your zest for life.

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