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7 Benefits of Buying a Home in a Big City

Here are some benefits of buying a home in a big city.

Blog / General / 2022 March 02, 2022

Many people think of building a home out in the suburbs as the American Dream. However, the dream is fluid and can be realized in many different ways. Suburbs and rural areas aren't always all they're cracked up to be, and the city isn't the nightmarish hellscape that some people believe it to be. Here are some benefits of buying a home in a big city. 

1. Access to Medical Facilities

In a smaller or rural community, you may have a general medical clinic. However, you probably do not have specialty clinics because they do not see enough traffic to stay open. Therefore, every time you need a treatment more advanced or specialized than a check-up, you have to make a special trip to a big city. In an emergency, the ambulance may not be able to make it all the way out to your house and back to the hospital in time. With new construction townhomes Salt Lake City, hospitals and specialty clinics may be mere minutes away, and the time you save could mean the difference between life and death. 

2. Cost Savings

The purchase price to buy a home in a city may be higher than what you would pay in a suburb or rural area because there is less land available. However, in a city, you probably pay less in real estate taxes and for utilities such as water and power and services such as garbage pickup because of the time and effort it takes to get the services out to you. Some people in rural areas don't even have access to broadband internet, and though recently passed infrastructure legislation is expected to address this problem eventually, it may take some time before you see improvement. 

3. Job Opportunities

In a city, there are not only more job openings but there is also a wider variety of career opportunities. In a small town, there may be only a few companies hiring, and if you are not interested in those industries, you may have to make some compromises. Moving to a big city gives you more access to opportunities in more career fields. Some employers may give precedence to applicants who are already located in the city, which is a good reason to move before looking for work. 

4. Ease of Transportation

Another option that many people choose is to live in the suburbs, work in the city, and commute between the two of them on a daily basis. Unless you carpool with others who live nearby or drive an electric vehicle, commuting isn't very good for the environment. Some people spend an hour or more per day just getting to and from work, which cuts into their free time relaxing at home and costs a fortune in fuel. When you live and work in the city, you have access to public transportation, which is much less expensive to use and significantly better for the environment. Some people in the city don't even own a car because public transportation takes them anywhere they want to go, not only to work but to the grocery store, hair salon, and preferred local hangouts. 

6. Restaurants and Recreation

Another benefit of living in a big city is that it offers a wider variety of restaurants, allowing you to sample cuisine from all over the world. It also offers more in the way of entertainment and culture in the form of concerts, professional sports, nightclubs, film festivals, museums. If you can imagine it, a big city probably offers it, practically in your backyard. 

7. Diversity

Part of the reason for the culinary and cultural variety in a big city is because it tends to draw people from ethnically diverse populations. This allows you the opportunity to get to know people from different backgrounds and learn more about the world around you. 

Urban living has a reputation for being difficult. Admittedly, there are challenges associated with it. However, rural and suburban communities carry their own challenges, and urban living offers advantages that you may never have considered. 


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