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6 Reasons Why Shade Can Enhance Your Commercial Property Space

Shade structures aren’t solely raised for the preservation of inanimate objects, they’re also placed for the protection of the health of the people who frequent your property.

Blog / General / 2023 November 08, 2023

Property owners are well aware that owning a commercial space is simultaneously a rewarding and exhausting ordeal.

The building has likely boosted your net worth and income potential considerably, but you’re more than likely stuck in a long-term mortgage that’ll take decades to fully pay off.

Additionally, finding a consistent income source from paying business tenants isn't always a certainty, especially if your commercial property has deal-breaking or lacklustre features.

If you feel that your commercial property’s potential hasn’t been fully realised, you might benefit greatly from putting up a shade structure on your lot.

Subtle as it is, a shade structure can elevate your building’s look, feel, and long-term reputation—making it a great way to draw in customers, business clients, and foot traffic in general.

Here are six reasons why some shade can be wonderful for your commercial property space.

Improves the Aesthetic Appeal

Shade structures add an eye-catching vertical dimension to your property, and in many cases, it makes your entire space look more visually pleasing.

When done right, installing a shade structure can be beneficial for attracting the right crowd and promoting positive business outcomes.

You’re not stuck with a uniform design when choosing shades, either. There’s a wide variety of shade designs and shapes you can pick, from barrel vault styles to shade sails.

The colourway and measurements are also your call, and professional shade installers like Greenline can work closely with you to put up a shade tailor-fit for your wants and needs.

A shade structure ultimately helps add a textural focal point to your property. It can be designed with the right colour palette to complement the existing building and landscape, giving off a nice, visual blend that can leave a lasting impression to your clients and guests.

Makes Outdoor Area More Functional

Whether you own a gym, a stadium, a school, a government office, or a private commercial building, numerous advantages come with adding a shade structure to your premises.

A shade structure allows you to divide different sections of your lot and repurpose them into event spaces.

For schools, for instance, a shade structure can be used for dining and recreational purposes, such as an extension of the cafeteria or the playground.

A stadium could use a shaded structure to hold extra games for athletes to play and for spectators to watch, making hosted events run more smoothly.

Government offices could use the outdoor area as a place to hold community gatherings and periodic events.

For commercial spaces, the variety of options is just as vast. Even with no major events coming up, a shaded structure helps provide a place for customers and random visitors to lounge comfortably.

This move, in essence, is an excellent way to rightfully squeeze every bit of value from your acquired land and property.

Improves Durability of Property and Assets

Besides improved aesthetics and property usage, a shade structure also helps protect your furniture and flooring from the elements, namely the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Items exposed to the sun’s rays are prone to accelerated wear and tear. For instance, metallic objects like playground equipment and metal benches can erode and fade more quickly than if they were shaded.

The same risk is also present when it rains, snows, or hails in your community. When your equipment is constantly barraged by the elements, it can deteriorate rapidly and reduce the value of your space quickly.

To combat this, putting up a shade structure is a foolproof way to prevent and slow the erosion of your shade structures over time.

This can help you preserve your lot’s assets in the long haul—enabling you to maintain your lot’s value while simultaneously offering you a profitable exit strategy if you decide to liquidate.

Protects People From Bad Weather Conditions

Shade structures aren’t solely raised for the preservation of inanimate objects, they’re also placed for the protection of the health of the people who frequent your property.

Just like objects, people are at risk of harsh weather conditions. Constant exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun can lead to an increased risk of skin conditions like skin cancer. It also hastens aging and sagging skin, which can dissuade some people from visiting your place at all.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that rain and snow can put a halt to any large outdoor gathering. And no property owner wants to get in hot water for holding an event during a storm.

If you want to keep your event running and keep your guests from leaving, installing a shade structure helps ensure that they’re safe and dry from prolonged weather exposure.

Promotes Comfort For Everyone

Even if the weather is mild, dry and comfortable, a shade structure offers guests the peace of mind that they won’t be impacted by a sudden change in weather conditions.

Furthermore, shades also protect people from things outside the realm of weather. For instance, falling tree branches or leaves could fall on the shade instead of the crowd below, reducing the risk of injuries.

When guests are comfortable, they’ll be more inclined to stay at a place for a longer period. This can be beneficial for your business, especially if you have many stalls and revenue-generating activities within the premises at the time.

And, of course, comfortable guests translate to happy guests. If the event itself was a success, they’d likely return to the venue in the future and spread good things about the place through social media or by word-of-mouth.

This boosts your venue’s publicity and helps in keeping your place relevant to the community, which is ideal for business outcomes.

Increases Perceived Property Value

If you want your property to hold value in the long term, then installing a shade is one way to get the job done.

Instaling a shade structure shows that you take the initiative in caring for your property. In particular, it shows that you care about its aesthetics, longevity, and functionality—which all play pivotal roles in boosting a property’s value.

Furthermore, the inherent benefits that come with a shade structure also can foster buying interest among investors.

Even if you don’t intend to sell your commercial property space, knowing that you own a valuable property can give you and your family peace of mind for your financial situation.

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