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4 Great Styles of Single Family Homes

While most people searching for single-family homes are small and new families, there are still plenty of single adults or empty nesters who love the convenience of a single-family home
November 30, 2021

Single-family homes are generally the most abundant form of real estate available in the country. It's the perfect mix of having plenty of your own space and garden to take care of, without necessarily needing to care for a huge plot of land. While most people searching for single-family homes are small and new families, there are still plenty of single adults or empty nesters who love the convenience of a single-family home. The following four styles of single-family homes are all great options if you find yourself in the market.

1. Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance single-family homes can actually include several different architectural styles of houses, but because of the lifestyle it provides, it is acting as a stand-alone category in this list. These styles of homes and neighbourhoods still have small private yards, but you might not be responsible for caring for all or part of the yard.

Neighbourhoods like the lovely Milcreek Development offer great options for all types of families. Low-maintenance subdivisions are great for families who seem to be always on the go or empty-nesters that don't need a large yard anymore. You still get all the benefits of a single-family home and the beauty of nature around you without all the added upkeep. It's truly the best of both worlds.

2. Modern or Contemporary

Modern single-family homes are usually easier to find in new construction. You might be more inclined to search for a modern-style home if you like simple floor plans and clean lines in architecture. Try to figure out which area of town might offer more modern styles of homes and see if those neighbourhoods might be a good fit for you. Another option is to try and find a builder that can create the modern-style home of your dreams. Contemporary homes are very similar to modern ones which is why they are lumped into the same category. Contemporary tends to use more cutting-edge materials and have more glass and metals involved in the overall design. Both design styles tend to have open spaces and minimalist elements throughout.

3. Traditional

A traditional single-family home is by far going to be the easiest to find. You will likely have tons of new construction that you can find in the style, and plenty of homes up for resale will also fit into this category. Traditional floor plans offer the most privacy for the people in your family. This style could be a great option if you have lots of kids or different family members living together so that everyone feels like they have their own space to retreat to. Traditional homes are also likely going to have the largest yard options. Many homes in this category have a quarter to a half-acre of land. That makes it a great option for families of kids that need a big yard to play in or any gardening enthusiasts.

4. Open Floor Plan

Open floor plan homes can sometimes feel modern but also not quite traditional, so they are sometimes referred to as transitional homes. Some of the features might include an entirely open first-floor living area or just a combined kitchen, dining, and den zone. This style of home is going to give you tons of flexibility if you love entertaining large crowds. Whether you have a big family or just love to gather extended family and friends over often, an open floor plan home might be a perfect fit for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a home of this style in your area. If that is the case, then try looking for homes in your budget that could easily be opened up a bit by knocking out a wall or two. You would be surprised by how a little renovation could turn a mediocre home into the house of your dreams.

Consider these different styles when looking for your next home. Narrowing down your search criteria will make the home shopping process much easier for you and your realtor. Enjoy the ride and have fun finding your next home.

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