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About Eureka Towers:

Located just moments away from Southbank Promenade restaurants, cafes and shops, the Arts Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square and St Kilda Road, Eureka Tower brings world-class living to the heart of Melbourne. This residential complex has excellent security, including video phone and restricted floor access, 24-hour security and on-site concierge. The building features a fully equipped gymnasium, a sauna and a private 30-seat cinema.

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Available for check-in from: 17 May 2019
4005/7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, 3006
Apartment Type: Corporate Apartment
Rating: Business Class
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Available for check-in from: 20 December 2018
3901/7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, 3006
Apartment Type: Corporate Apartment
Rating: Business Class
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Available for check-in from: 01 October 2018
3804/7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, 3006
Apartment Type: Corporate Apartment
Rating: Business Class
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Available for check-in from: 30 September 2018
5007/7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, 3006
Apartment Type: Corporate Apartment
Rating: Business Class
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Available for check-in from: 13 October 2018
2907/7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, VIC, 3006
Apartment Type: Corporate Apartment
Rating: Business Class

Looking for serviced apartments in the iconic Eureka Towers?

Staying in Melbourne for a few days? Whether going on a business trip or out to see the sights, planning your accommodations is one of the most important tasks.

Instead of going to the hotel for the duration of your trip, why not go for Eureka Tower serviced apartments? It's one of the most amazing spots on earth, where you can see far and wide from the Skydeck. Take in the best of what Eureka Tower can offer by staying at Corporate Keys.

Corporate Keys Eureka Tower apartments give you the luxury of staying at a hotel with the charm of living at home. Get to experience accommodations with complete furnishings, with tailored suites intended to meet our client's preference when staying at the Eureka Tower area.

How would you like to immerse yourselves in Eureka Tower while keeping within budget? Our serviced apartments are the perfect choice. It's definitely the better alternative to staying in campy motels and expensive hotels.

Stay in an Iconic Eureka Tower Apartment

Eureka Tower, like its namesake is the city's gem. It's the point of recognition, the defining feature among the skyline.

This magnificent monument was constructed in 2002 and it was finished in 2006. It was officially opened to the public since October 2006. Eureka Tower is the highlight on the banks of the Yarra River.

Go up on the 88th floor and you will get to the Eureka Skydeck. It is Melbourne's greatest viewpoint, and also considered by many as one of the best observation decks in the whole world.

Furthermore, the Eureka Skydeck offers a 360-degree view from the floor to the ceiling encompassing a grand view of Melbourne's Docklands, sports precincts, the CBD and everything around it. You can see as far as the Dandenong Ranges by day, and see the sparkling and busy nightlife by night. There are 2 rocket lifts powering visitors up to the 88th floor in incredibly just 40 seconds or less!

Get a taste of the Edge Experience, a glass cube projected out from the tower's 88th floor. It extends beyond the structure to provide visitors a glimpse of what it's like 300 meters above Melbourne. This vantage point offers quite an extensive view of the city day or night.

There are the local flavours in the form of familiar landmarks dotting the city of Melbourne. By staying at one of our Eureka Tower serviced apartments, you get to enjoy a strategic spot at the heart of Melbourne's thriving industry.

Serviced apartments are furnished accommodations that give you the luxury of hotels combined with the cosiness of staying at home. You get services of a world-class hotel in both short and long-term stays. Our Eureka Tower apartments are up to 50% more cost- effective than any other hotel in the same area. Aside from that, you get conveniences and features that aren't present in most hotel services.

Corporate Keys is your home away from home, whether travelling for business or pleasure. Our living accommodations can be personalized for unbeatable value. Instead of feeling lonelier by the minute by staying at a cold, cramped hotel, you can get a taste of home with furnished and serviced apartments in Eureka Tower.

Why Book Your Eureka Tower Stay with Corporate Keys

Serviced apartments are one of the most sought-after accommodations within Melbourne and in the Eureka Tower vicinity. Corporate Keys strategic prime locations are great for business travellers looking for a short term apartment in the most comfortable setting.

Our Eureka Tower accommodations can take in distinguished executives, relocating employees and project teams. We offer a wide variety of high-class, top-notch short stay apartments for those who want to do business and get some leisure done during downtime.

Corporate Keys serviced apartments cost significantly less than staying at a lavish, expensive hotel. You can take advantage of our serviced short stay apartment furnishings and amenities, and save more by cooking your own meals or doing your own laundry.

Eureka Tower holds amazing promises for the tourist and business traveller alike. Our Eureka Tower apartments are the perfect springboard for launching your new business campaign in. Our Eureka Tower accommodations are always kept in great working order; simply call us in to get personalized services that suit your taste. What's not to like about Corporate Keys serviced apartments? We will make your business more pleasurable than what you'd typically expect.

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