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Have you booked some Canberra accommodation and are now looking for something to do during your Canberra short stay?
Whether you're a local, new in town or just passing through we've got loads of great tips and events.

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Read more Parliament House
Galleries, Museums and Collections
Parliament House
See democracy in action at Australia’s iconic Parliament House high on Capital Hill. During Question Time see the country’s elected politicians make the big decisions
Read more Canberra Nature Park
Natural Attractions
Canberra Nature Park
Canberra Nature Park comprises approximately 30 separate native bushland and grassland reserves throughout urban Canberra. These provide fantastic opportunities for walking, exploring the territory and
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Landmarks and Buildings
South Africa High Commission
In addition to serving as South Africa\'s resident diplomatic mission to Australia, the High Commission is also accredited on a non-resident basis to New Zealand,
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Landmarks and Buildings
Papua New Guinea, High Commission of
Opened in 1981, the High Commission takes the form of a Haus Tambaran or Spirit House. Traditionally, the Haus Tambaran was a meeting place for
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Read more Textiles With A Twist
Exhibition and Shows
Textiles With A Twist
ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA) is holding an Exhibition and Bazaar of work made by the members. \nACTTAA is a community organisation made up of
Read more Textiles With A Twist
Exhibition and Shows
Textiles With A Twist
The ACT Textile Arts Association (ACTTAA) is an enthusiastic group of textile artists and hobbyists who join together to share creative endeavors through monthly meetings,
Read more Annika Romeyn - Endurance
Exhibition and Shows
Annika Romeyn - Endurance
Please join us for the opening of this remarkable exhibition of screen prints and drawings by Sydney based artist Wendy Murray. 6pm Thursday 14th June
Read more Arborescent: Drawings by Elizabeth Cross
Exhibition and Shows
Arborescent: Drawings by Elizabeth Cross
Opening night Thursday 18 APRIL 6PM Elizabeth Cross is better known as an art historian and curator, but she has nurtured her remarkable talent for
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Read more Double Drummer
Double Drummer
The Double Drummer is a cafe, bistro and caterer, centrally located in Barton, Canberra ACT. It caters to the busy national circuit precinct for breakfast
Read more Chifley's Bar & Grill
Restaurant and Cafe
Chifley's Bar & Grill
Chifley\'s Bar & Grill, a modern Australian steakhouse, located within the historic Hotel Kurrajong Canberra, is named after the 16th Prime Minister of Australia Ben
Read more Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar
Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar
Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar’s philosophy is good food and great wine in a chic atmosphere. They have created a space to lounge in the
Read more Lilotang
Manga adorns the walls, Binchotan charcoal roasts in the Robata grill and the true philosophy of Japanese cuisine remains in its heart. \n\nLocated in the

Find out Why a Serviced Apartment in Canberra is The Perfect Accommodation

Travelers who love the perfect climate and beautiful sceneries of Canberra sometimes meet challenges when it comes to finding a perfect place to stay for a short term business trip. That's why serviced apartments in Canberra are so perfect. You are probably wondering why a traveller should choose a serviced apartment in Canberra? Well there are many reasons why this is the perfect option. And it gets even better when you consult the services of a dedicated accommodations company such as Corporate Keys.

Why are Serviced Apartments in Canberra the Best Accommodation for Travellers?

Here is a look.
  1. Convenience

    Travelers always look for convenience especially when travelling to a location for the first time. Convenience is what you get when you choose these short term rentals in Canberra that are offered by Corporate Keys. You will want to feel at home away from home. Imagine having that great feeling of walking in through your own apartment door even if Canberra is a totally strange city to you.

    Corporate Keys makes the magic of these establishments a reality. So if you are a weary business traveller, you will want a place to relax after a long day in the rat race. The fact that Canberra is a big city also forces executive apartments to have the best services. This is why you will have your own television, sofa set, even a kitchen at far less than what you would normally pay for at a hotel which has the same amenities.

    The kitchen in a Corporate Keys Residence Apartment is a godsend. You won't ever have to rely on fast food restaurants or take-away while in town. And the best part is that Canberra has many grocery stores with vegetables fresh from the farm. There is a freezer you can put your left overs and a microwave to warm your food when you are too tired to cook. Convenience is all you get from your serviced apartment in Canberra.

  2. Familiarity

    Familiarity is also a benefit you stand to enjoy with executive apartments in Canberra. There are two recognized types of serviced apartments Corporate Keys provide. Travelers have the liberty to choose between the two for what they consider more suitable. For instance, those who can't get enough of the hustle and bustle of Canberra can have apartment hotels-these are simply serviced apartments that offer a hotel-type atmosphere. Just like a traveller's inn, guests in this type of establishment have in-house bars and restaurants. This is what most solo travellers look for, as well.

    Corporate housing is the other type of serviced apartment normally booked by businessmen who prefer a more genteel accommodation. These executive apartments in Canberra are also fully furnished but come bundled with great services such as cleaning, laundry, and also utility charges. This is what you will normally find at the heart of Canberra. However, you will also find a few in the suburbs especially those that try to facilitate the concept of coming home to a quiet and convenient environment.

  3. Comfortable space

    The best thing about serviced apartments in Canberra, and particularly those offered by Corporate Keys is that you are guaranteed good value for your money. These establishments are the cheaper relatives of hotel accommodations in Canberra. You will enjoy the same attractions as you would if you were in an average upper-tier hotel apartment. We have apartments close to some of the best tourist attraction spots such as:

    That's the best news you will ever receive especially if you are travelling with your family. When you stay in a fully furnished serviced apartment in Canberra, you will have plenty of space to move around. So you don't have to leave your family back at home when you decide to go on holiday. In fact, your children will be more than pleased to stay in a short stay apartment in Canberra while you go out for your business dealings. You will definitely have fewer things to worry about. When travelling out of town, the less you have to worry about the better.

    The accommodations you can book through Corporate Keys have all of the glitz and glamour of a hotel. Your serviced apartment will be larger than a hotel and include creature comforts like a full kitchen, housekeeping service, and concierge assistance. So the next time you think of going to Canberra, remember that the best short term accommodation in Canberra is one that is so comfortable you can eagerly call it home.

  4. Security

    Canberra, like most modern cities, has invested time and money to ensure the security of its citizens is upheld. The serviced apartments provided by Corporate Keys are located in safe neighbourhoods of the city and are within an enclosed facility. For added safety, Corporate Keys accommodation has professional staff onsite to tighten the security of the area. A 24- hour reception service is readily available in case travellers need special assistance or faced with any issues. When you decide to travel from your home to a different location, you want to have a peace of mind. The perfect security from these establishments ensure all your worries are taken care of.

    That said, serviced accommodations in Canberra are the better option for business travellers. They have proven to be less expensive and more comfortable. You save money that would have been used to buy cooked food, furniture and other household goods. You are also expected to feel more welcomed than you would in other boarding solutions.

    Get yourself a serviced apartment in Canberra from Corporate Keys today and enjoyeverything Canberra has to offer.

Have you considered these Canberra furnished apartment buildings?

Alivio Villas, Canberra 1 serviced apartment available
Diamant Hotel Canberra, Canberra 3 serviced apartments available
Mantra on Northbourne, Canberra 1 serviced apartment available
Nesuto Canberra Apartment Hotel, Canberra 3 serviced apartments available
Nishi Apartments Eco Living By Ovolo, Canberra 4 serviced apartments available
Pacific Suites Canberra, Canberra 2 serviced apartments available
Knightsbridge Canberra, Kingston 2 serviced apartments available

Have you considered these suburbs for Short and Long Stay Canberra accommodation?

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