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alert The Residence has confirmed and guaranteed availability at the rate displayed from your commencement date until your confirmed vacate date. Any extensions beyond your confirmed vacate date will be subject to availability. Early vacates are to be confirmed in writing to Corporate Keys with a minimum of 7 days notice of vacate. A minimum stay of 28 nights applies in all instances.

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Property Address 2128 Phillip Island Road Cowes 3922
Apartment Type 3 Bedroom Cottage
Bedding Configuration           
Number of Bedrooms 3 bedroom
Number of Bathrooms 2
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Although we quote rates per week, if your last week with us is not for a full 7 nights, we will only charge you for the nights required at the applicable nightly rate.

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Car Parking
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Broadband Internet
$2.00 per night. Internet access can be arranged at the front desk on check-in.

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