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How to Take Your Pet on Holiday (Without the Added Stress)

We’d all love to bring our furry friend away with us, but there’s a lot of things to consider about when planning a trip away with your pet. Many destinations, especially luxury accommodation, don’t allow four-legged friends onsite (don’t stress, we have pet-friendly options).

Things to think about

There’s of elements that can afford whether it’s appropriate or not to bring a pet along for the occasion. Some things you may want to look into are:

There are parks and recreational reserves that don’t allow dogs to be around, as they can be a threat to wildlife. Some forests, however, do allow them to be present so it’s important to do your research beforehand.

Some destinations have conditions for pets being brought on holiday, including the type of animal permitted or even the time of year. Bedding arrangements may also be specified.

When embarking on your trip away, it’s important to have I.D. of your pet with you, including any registration forms or proof of vaccinations.

Arrangements to make

After you’ve explored the above points, it’s important your plan appropriately for what to bring to cater to the pet are bringing along.

Pack plenty of towels – you never know when they’ll come in handy.

Keep a collar on your pet at all times that shows I.D. and contact details.

Bring something your pet finds comfort in to avoid stress – a soft blanket it is fond of etc.

Think about whether your furry friend is friendly and well behaved enough to come along for the ride.

Above and beyond, it’s crucial that you respect the destination’s rules about animals being kept in their accommodation. Whether you’re planning for a short stay or a longer one, it will be a more pleasurable one if your pet is well suited for it.

Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets

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