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Corporate Housing vs. Hotels

There are many different factors to consider when an individual or an organisation is making lodging arrangements for one or more people. One of the most notable is choosing between corporate housing and hotel stays. Specifically, if the individuals are planning to stay for a period of 30 days or more. With this in mind, here is some invaluable information that clearly explains why corporate housing is the best and most alternative.

Corporate Housings Costs – More Affordable than Hotels

According to information supplied by Mobile Services International, luxury hotel stays can range as much 30% to 50% more compared to corporate housing. This is because corporate housing apartments are not tasked with paying hotel taxes and fees or charging higher rates for rooms during peak season times. Instead, corporate housing costs are traditionally lower on the average. Therefore, arrangements can be made with peace of mind in knowing that they are the better deals financially.



Better Value Comes With Furnished Housing

Because corporate housing inherently cost less than the conventional hotel, most people may think that they are paying for less. However, this cannot be farther from the truth because the consumer actually gets more. Typically speaking, the average accommodations usually includes twice as much in square footage since each arrangements come with one bedroom corporate apartments or multiple bedrooms when required. Meaning people will pay a fraction of the cost and get much much more for the amount that they spend.

Corporate Housing Includes Arrangements for Whole Family and Pets

Unlike hotels, occupancy is not automatically limited to a specific number of adults and children that can stay in one hotel room, especially since the whole family and their pets (with some weight and breed restrictions) can stay in corporate housing. With all of the convenience of home, its ideal for long stays away from home.

Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets

Free Wi-Fi and Local Calls

High speed internet and local calls are still extra add-on fees in many hotels today so these additional cost can quickly add up. With corporate housing, Wi-Fi and locals are including in the arrangements and they are free. So, for those of you who are staying long stretches away from home at a time, these savings are not only a great bonus, but also much easier on an individual’s pocket and the company’s budget.


Working on the ‘road’

Fully Equipped Kitchen for Eating In vs Eating Out

When an individual or a group of people are staying in a hotel for long periods of time, it is important to tack on the cost of eating out too, and this price can get quite expensive over time. On the other hand, with corporate housing arrangements, everyone can save money with a fully equipped kitchen that allows people to stock up and cook their own home cooked less caloric dishes. Also, no need to worry about the utensils and cook wear because they are already included in the package.


Looking for Corporate Housing

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